Anti-fraud Services

Integrance disposes of consultants specialized in investigating fraudulent and suspicious behavior in the company’s administration and in executing anti-fraud projects that contribute to preserve the probity of the business and the reputation of the company.

Our team is connected to a global network of professionals and adopts continuously the latest technological standards for its work. We quickly and discreetly help companies deal with the risks of fraud attempts and evaluate their financial effects, including the analysis of procedures and documents for taking of evidence and their use during the restitution process.

We dispose of an experienced group of professionals to identify and track assets misappropriated by companies or individuals and to operate with forensic accountants to analyze points at issue between partners and shareholders, conflict evaluations, seizure questions and audits.

We have the required experience to support your company in taking up the challenges and risks at operating in complex environments.


Our services comprise:

  • Forensic accounting;
  • Examinations and points at issue;
  • Preliminary selection of business partners;
  • Evaluation of executive integrity;
  • Supplier compliance;
  • Compliance and due diligence for projects with new business partners;
  • Support for ongoing investigations;
  • Cross-checking the integrity of existing reports.
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