Tax Consultancy

Globalization, regulation, corporate governance, transparency improvement, limited resources and increasingly shorter financial cycles are just a few of the challenges that the leaders of finance areas of the companies meet.

Integrance disposes of a team of experts that provides consultancy and solutions to decrease the tax burdens according to the Brazilian tax laws. Based on our international experience, we draw up a sustainable tax planning.

We help our clients evaluate risks and options as well as develop solutions for profit maximization. We know about the importance to have a team that knows the latest rules in force. Concerning this, we offer training for the collaborators of our clients and briefing for their governing boards.

We implement indicated changes, create effective response programs for incidents and identify the best technological solutions for your business. We have experience in projects for companies of all sizes and a highly prepared team to react on tax audits and potential points at issue.

Our services comprise:

  • Tax consultancy;
  • Tax controversies;
  • Corporate income tax declarations;
  • Tax planning;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Income tax for foreigners (residents and non-residents).
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