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Business Process Outsourcing

Whether web-based tax consultancy, accounting or administrative activities – we know the way! In a business environment where agility, transparency and control are decisive, Integrance offers the ideal, tailored BPO solution for your business.

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We are convinced that only effective and well-structured intern processes and controls lead to accurate reporting. Therefore, we have an automated service center that manages online and on a high quality level the entire document flow.

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With a highly qualified team and a reliable technological structure we provide services that support your company in both controlling daily activities and taking strategic decisions.

Online accounting according to the applicable legal standards.

Tax and payroll outsourcing.

Integrance specializes in effective and professional execution of all outsourced tasks, so that you can fully concentrate on your business. Whether taxes, accounting or administrative activities – get advised by us.

Outsourcing online tax consultancy in Brazil.

Outsourcing tax matters.

Integrance is your partner and expert for tax matters in Brazil. This relates particularly to tax auditing and tax planning. Get competent and professional advice about the several taxes.

Outsourcing labour law related and administrative activities

Outsourcing administrative activities in Brazil?

Integrance assists you during your internationalization to Brazil. Outsource time-consuming activities and fall back on the expertise of our local staff. We prepare the road for you

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